My YouTube homepage looks like that now too! I still get pissed off when I see it sometimes, because the message feels coercive: It's like, you can't possibly WANT your watch history turned off, can you? This MUST be a mistake. Change your setting now!

It disturbs me how things that once felt like friendly options are now being pushed on people. Anyway, it only fuels my desire to continue disabling watch history — and to continue spending time offline.

Thanks, as always, for writing your Newsletter. It always a breath of fresh air.

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Y'know, I got that same YouTube homepage, my interpretation of it was a sort of blackmail as in "you can't have recommended videos if you don't let us track you".

Now, *personally* I viewed that arrangement as a positive but I still have to assume it's meant to bully people who want privacy into giving it up.

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