"I didn’t even have an account. I reasoned that if I didn’t have an account, then it didn’t count. I spent hours lurking Reddit, mostly, and ironically, on subreddits like /r/nosurf and /r/digitalminimalism." Yeah, I had to block Reddit because of the time I wasted on subreddits like these. Irony noted, of course.

In a perfect world, I don't think these websites would be *bad.* I think the fact we know these developers are trying to steal our attention, that our information is being used against us... That's where, among other things, I just can't really justify it anymore. Sure, you can game the system. More power to you if you can. I just don't like what happens to us as people when we use the sites religiously. And unless we CAN use them reasonably, why even give them our time?

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