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I have already thanked you multiple times this year Mehret but again, I am so grateful for your words of wisdom and love hearing some of the inner workings of your mind!

One of my first comments on your posts was about my worry about managing a real life-internet balance as someone who works online. Although I wanted to, I couldn't engage with my passion so my internet time ended up wasted - even when I sat down 'ready to work'.

At the start of November I figured out what my next project would be, and I have a strong goal behind it. Something I've been missing for a few years. Not only am I enjoying my time offline more, but when I'm working on my laptop I'm in a passionate state of flow.

I've done hundreds of hours more insightful work the past 6 weeks than the 4 months prior, but the main thing is that I'm enjoying life more now I have a more comprehensive idea of my goals and priorities.

One thing you said that stood out was about treating yourself kindly. I've come closer to my goals even with some 4-5 day workweeks where the rest of the days I've just been like 'I can't do this', accepted it, and let myself be. Much better when I was trying to force 7 day workweeks where I did nothing that added value to my life, got distracted by social media, and watched too much YouTube.

I'm sorry to hear 2022 was tough. The fact you've made a difference to other people's lives show how special you are!

Merry Christmas if you celebrate :)

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