Radical digital detox ideas

Besides flushing your phone down the toilet

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I have tried it all. From quitting social media to trying to flush my phone down the toilet— true story. Spoiler alert: iPhone 4s doesn't flush. If you’ve ever felt completely out of control with your digital addiction, you might feel my pain. It’s nice to finally be in control of my screens, for the most part anyway.

Below are five things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. Over the years, implementing radical changes, not including flushing my phone down the toilet, have forced me to experience life without constantly escaping into digital distractions. Once I experienced the blissful offline world, it is hard to want to go back to spending countless hours mindlessly browsing the internet, obsessively checking for messages, or reading news that has 0.001% relevancy to my life. I share with you four radical digital detoxes that have helped me experience the joy of the world outside of my phone screen.

  2. Two books I’m currently enjoying: For the Time Being by Annie Dillard (morning read) and The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom (night-time read). Morning reads are for learning and inspiration, and night-time reads are for unwinding and meditating on the human condition.

  3. Asking Hunter-Gatherers Life's Toughest Questions is a 8-minute video featuring the Hadza Tribe of Tanzania. The tribe's leader Soloco gives eloquent answers to life’s toughest questions, such as: What is the most important thing in life? And, what happens when we die? His answers might shock you! My favourite quote: “To be happy, we need meat.” It could all be so simple.

  4. A quote I want to share with you this week: “If only we’d stop trying to be happy we’d have a pretty good time” by Edith Wharton. The Hadza Tribe has inspired me to share this quote.

  5. Time for a Digital Declutter: 8 Simple Ways to Cut Screen Time. The goal is to minimize low-quality digital distractions in exchange for a life well lived.

That’s all for this week!

Thank you for reading, and please share with anyone you think may benefit.


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