Demons hate fresh air

The power of a walk

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I survived the beginnings of the pandemic with my mind intact thanks to discovering the joys of walking. One day I was having a glass of wine at 10am (true story), and the next day my husband and I went for a short walk around the neighbourhood that turned into a long walk. It was... exhilarating. We never stopped. I never want to stop.

Below are five things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. The secret to spending less time online is spending more time offline doing quality activities. Going for a walk is an excellent alternative to digital distractions. It’s a good way to escape from the constant chatters of social media and the noisiness of the Internet. Walking is also good for our mental well-being. After all, the demons hate fresh air.

  2. I’m currently reading Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell, and really enjoying it. Cuban spies. $64.8 billion Wall Street Ponzi scheme. Beloved-American-football-coach-turned-convicted-sexual-offender. Why do we even bother trusting anyone!? Well, if we don’t, we might never leave the house. Can’t wait to read the rest of it.

  3. Most doctors agree, walking is excellent for our physical and mental well-being. In this short 4-minute video, walk for health, it’s the best medicine, physicians explain the benefits of walking.

  4. A quote I want to share:

    No matter what time you get out of bed, go for a walk and then work, because the demons hate it when you get out of bed, demons hate fresh air.
    — Ingmar Bergman.

    When in doubt, go for a walk.

  5. One of my subscribers (Hi, David!) sent me an excellent article on the power of a walk I want to share with you.When I weigh what activity I can do almost every day, with little preparation, minimal effort, no special equipment, and that can contract or expand to fit the exact amount of time I have available, it’s walking.” What more can we ask for?

That’s all for this week!

Thank you for reading, and please share with anyone you think may benefit.


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